Dreadlock Care and Maintenance , what does it involve?

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Hairlocking is a natural process that requires patience and understanding. The key to locking hair is for it to be free of any kind of chemical treatments that straighten or curl the hair. The first step involved in dreadlock care and maintenance is to make sure that the hair is clean. Wash the hair with a clarifying shampoo and allow it to air dry. Air drying is important in dreadlock care and maintenance because it encourages the hair to assume it's natural state. Using a blow dryer will cause the hair to become brittle and too straight. When hair locking, the natural curl pattern of the hair is important in order to achieve the desired results. The coarser the hair is, the hair is, the easier it is to lock. Box parts are the easiest method to begin the locks because they give the procedure a sense or order and neatness whifh is very important if you want your locks to look neat. One important thing to remember is that locking the hair is an ongoing process that requires a lot of work in order to maintain neatness and a sense of style in the real world. Beeswax is not good for locking the hair because it attracts dust and other particulate matter from the air. Beeswax also has a tendency to dry out the scalp and cause severe dandruff and itching. One of the best tools to use on the locks during the dreadlock care and maintenance process is a latch hook. The hair should be twisted and then the latch hook inserted into the bottom of the twists. The twisted ends of the hair should be wrapped around the shaft of the latch hook and then pulled through. This process should be repeated as if the loctician were going around the clock at 12 o'clock, three o'clock, six o'clock and nine o'clock. Going in this method ensures that the lock will be tight to the scalp. There may be a bit of discomfort in this process because the hair is going to be twisted tightly to the scalp, but don't worry because there is no gain without pain in this life. This process should be continued until the entire head is twisted in this manner. Be careful to refrain from wetting the hair for at least a week because water will cause the tightening to slip and the hair will frizz up and come undone. Creating dreadlocks is a slow process that takes months to years to maintain. Dreadlocks are not a hair style that can be achieved by visiting a salon for a few hours on a Saturday. It is a style that requires a commitment. Somedays during the initial stage of dreadlock care and maintenance, you may look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what you have done to yourself, but don't be discouraged because soon enough, you will look like the Lion of Judah and strangers will stop you on the street and compliment your crowining glory as it flows down your shoulders. Dreeadlock care and maintenance should consist of regular washings with a clarifying shampoo and a hot oil treatment at least once per month. The clarifying shampoo will remove the dust and dirt from the hair while gently cleaning it. The hot oil treatment will keep the scalp and the ends of the hair moist and prevent frizzy ends. I like to trim the dead ends of the dreadlocks about once every three months to maintain neatness and order. As with any hairstyle, care is important to maintain order as well as the overall look. Men should be sure to keep their facial hair groomed and maintain a neat style of dress in order to maintain an employable look. This also applies to the ladies as well. With proper dreadlock care and maintenance, anyone from the musician to the congressman can achieve a natural look that can give the wearer a regal bearing that people will admire from near and far. Dreadlock care and maintenance is a rewarding process that accentuates the natural beauty of the human form and will provide years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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