Want to Spend Less Time and Money on Your Natural Hair?

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Natural hair has a negative stereotype of being exhaustingly draining and costs entirely too much money to maintain. There is a common misconception floating around the natural hair world that the more you do and spend, the better your hair will be. This is not only utterly ridiculous, but it is totally untrue. You can achieve beautiful natural kinks that don't require you to quit your day job or spend your entire college savings! Here are 3 ways to spend less time and money on your natural hair.

The main aspect of natural hair that is often assumed to take hours to complete is the washing ritual. There is pre-pooing, followed by shampooing, followed by conditioning, deep conditioning, oil treatments, rinse, detangle, and moisturizing. This is all before you get to the styling portion. While clean hair is important, it is completely unnecessary to go through a nine step process. Instead of doing everything at once, break up your routine into manageable portions. For example, shampoo and condition weekly or biweekly, hot oil treatments biweekly, and deep conditioning when needed. Limit how many of each you do on one day and watch your calendar open up.

Women with permed hair often times say that they enjoy having chemically processed hair because they can just throw it up in a pony tail when they are in a rush while natural women have to do a ton of prep the night before to achieve the look that they want. Well, this is a terrible rumor that needs to end. For the days that you are running late and just need something quick and cute, pony tails are a wonderful option. Slap on a headband to give it a bit of extra flair and you're out the door. Now, for the days that you want a more original look that allows your curls to dance in the wind, simply prepare a braid out the night before and use preserving techniques for the following nights. Typically, a braid out can last an entire week.

The cost of the products for natural hair can be quite intimidating at first causing you to question your career path. The important thing to remember is that you probably do not need a $30 moisturizer made of the silk strands of Norwegian squirrels. Do some light research on natural products that will help you achieve the moisturize and shine that natural hair needs. More often than not, the actual natural source is more inexpensive than a product that claims to have it in there. A few essentials to get you started: shea butter for a reliable moisturizer, olive oil and coconut oil for shine, and castor oil for thickening.

Natural hair does not have to be a burden. It can be just as easy as chemically processed hair was and absolutely more beautiful. Invest a bit of time researching what hair needs and a few style ideas to get you started. Before you even realize what's happening, you will be twisting and braiding while using less time and money on your natural hair.

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