What is the best way to care for a black woman's natural hair?

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Many African american women are following the trend of going natural with their hair. Ladies all over the world are saying bye bye to what we call the liquid crack aka "the relaxer". This is often due to hair damage or just a personal decision or desire to no longer wear hair in its unnatural state.

Even though you no longer use chemicals in your hair that may or may not cause damage, black women should be aware that going natural mean you still have to take very good care of your hair and there is no room for neglect.With all natural products popping up all over the place even from companies that don't usually cater to world of natural, it should be fairly easy to shampoos,conditioners,hair lotions, and oils that will provide of your needs.

The first thing black women should understand is that our natural hair can become very dry and brittle easily. You will need to find a shampoo or for some ladies that like to co-wash(this is the process of using conditioner only to wash and clean hair)a product that will add shine/softness and erase the dry.From my experience Elucence Moisture Benefit shampoo,Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine shampoo, and Shea Moisture makes some awesome products to prevent dryness.

Now if you prefer to make your own, try this ingredient: 4 tbsp crumbled African black soap, 2 tsp of pure honey(if allergic to honey,you can substitute with glycerin, 3 tsp of grapeseed oil,olive oil, or jojoba oil. Mix all the ingredients in a container or bottle, shake well and allow to cool. You can also use this mixture as a daily moisturizer. A black woman's natural hair needs to be moisturize everyday whether it is by spritzing with water or with oils. You don't have to wash your hair everyday but some women choose to wash every three days or every two weeks. There really isn't a rule about that but just try to keep in great shape in between washing.

Another important factor in natural hair care is protective hair styles.Any style that can protect the ends and keep the hair from a lot heat and combs would be best. Examples of these styles can be flat twist,two strand twist, Bantu knots,braids,buns,and twist outs. YouTube have tons of videos demonstrating how to do these and how to keep the hair from drying while wearing these styles. Do remember to tie your hair up a night with a silk scarf of sleep on a silk pillowcase. This prevents hair breakage from rubbing up against cotton.Hair oils such tea tree,carrot,and aloe vera have become my hair's best friend and I am recommending them you as well.

Ladies hair accessories is a must with a lot styles. A cute headband with an Afro or a flower tucked into a bun would had some elegance and flair. A black woman's natural hair is her pride and joy and should be treated as such. I mean it is you crown and glory.If decide to embark on this natural journey like so many of us others have already done,congrats and welcome to this club.

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