What To Do I Do When Caring For Natural Black Hair?

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Caring for natural black hair is often considered a hard thing to do. If your hair is natural, you know to an extent this is true. Due to texture and consistency, the hair type frizzes up in the summer and dries out in the winter. Over the last decade however, there has been an increase in the amount of black women who have decided to go natural. After years of chemically treating their hair with relaxers and perms, they have chosen instead to allow their hair to curl and lay naturally on their heads. Whilst many have revelled in their new freedom from fortnightly chemical touch ups, there are those who have reverted back to their old ways, and old styles. For some, the natural look was just not for them but for others, the work that went into caring for natural black hair was just too much. However, there are practices that can be implemented that will nurture, care for and make natural black hair look its best.

It Is Wise to Moisturise

It is imperative to moisturise natural hair. The courser the hair, the harder its ability to maintain and keep in the moisture that it is given. Find hair pomade that works for you. If natural braids or two stranded twists are your thing, bees wax and a natural oil spray may work better. If trying to maintain an afro or cornrows, then hair food or a conditioner will be more suitable. Some women, who feel that these products are not enough to maintain moisture, even go as far as investing in a humidifier for the home.

Condition to Keep It Soft

The difference between afro hair and the hair of women of other cultures is quite immense. Thus, whilst a two in one conditioner may work for women of other decent, it must be realised that conditioning of this type was not designed for natural black hair. To keep hair soft, investment in a deep conditioner is vital. One of the reasons that black women soon find their natural hair suffering from breakage, is down to the fact that their hair is hard and tangled. Sometimes, not even a comb is able to pass through it properly. A deep conditioner softens the hair without limitations.

Invest In a Good Flat Iron

Most women are able to recall somebody in their family using a hot comb (or pressing comb). Back then, women would place these combs on top of the cooker to heat them up, and when hot enough, pass the combs through their hair to get that desired straight look. Well, (thank goodness) those days are gone, as women are able to get an even better result with the use of a ceramic flat iron. The beauty of the flat iron being that it not only straightens, but it also (if not used too frequently) moisturises beautiful tresses.

To Braid or Not To Braid

All of this may sound like a lot, and for women who do not wish to invest in a flat iron or a deep conditioner there should be another option. Maybe, a way of styling that does not call for so much to be done. Well indeed there is. Braiding gives the wearer more flexibility in regards to maintenance. The hair is already neatly styled and put away (to some respect). However, too much of anything is never a good thing. Those who wear braids for too long and those who put braids in too often tend to see the hair breaking. Remember that hair needs rest too. If braids are not your desired style, peruse the many magazines and internet sites at your disposal. You are bound to find something that you like. It is important to find the style that goes with your personality. Many publications offer step by step guides as to how to create a chosen hairdo. If this sounds daunting, visit a professional. Those who specialise in the art of caring for and styling natural black hair can be found all over. Talk to them, they may know the right hairstyle for you.

Caring for natural black hair does not have to be the headache that many believe it to be. Getting the right advice about the maintenance of the hair type is vital. Once this is done, repeated application and a positive attitude will soon have all problems under control. Soon, you will be wondering what all the fuss was about.

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