Can you use items in your refrigerator to make a natural hair conditioner?

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Answered by: Manika- Nia , An Expert in the Natural Care Category
There has been talk of a recent shift in the world, accompanied by a mass awakening, where more and more people are concerned with a natural approach to caring for themselves. This awareness has helped many implement changes to their day-to-day. Many have opted for healthier lifestyles in their fitness and diet, employed the use of natural or homeopathic remedies instead of pharmaceutical drugs, and have even made a point to abandon caustic chemicals in their beauty and hygiene products. Those with a greater conviction for the au naturel life have learned that there is much more to be discovered than what is offered at local health stores. In fact, thanks to invaluable knowledge passed down and extended experimentation, many have learned to make goods, which they normally would have purchased, in the comfort of their own homes. Often these goodies consist ingredients found right on their shelves.

There are, no doubt, endless possibilities for creating useful products with household ingredients. Adding to the allure of these accessible tasks is the realization that most of these homemade treats not only save a pretty penny but are considerably less expensive than their commercial counterparts. Becoming chemists in their own homes, women, and some men, have embarked on a mixing journey, creating: homemade soap, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, face wash, mouth wash, shampoo, conditioners — the list goes on. As more people convert to natural care, more are curious about how they can create items that enhance their favorite attributes.

Hair care is a chief topic for many, as the health of our hair tells a story of our internal health and how we look after our locks. Countless products flood the market offering solutions for thinness, dryness and split ends. However, for those seeking a natural approach, many turn to home remedies offered online. These items found in kitchens are reported to provide treatments that combat dry hair, restore shine, seal split ends and add to fullness. It does sound remarkable, but, can you really use items in your refrigerator as a natural conditioner for your hair? The answer is a simple yes! With a mixture of your making, experimentation and most importantly, consistent treatment, you can turn items in your fridge into a concoction that boosts a luxurious mane.

Typing the words, "natural hair conditioner" into a search engine on the web yield findings of homemade conditioners and the properties of each. Countless articles reveal just how beneficial certain fruits, plants, dairy products, oils and vinegar can be for the hair. Amongst them are: bananas, avocado, honey, aloe vera, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, eggs, yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, sesame oil, and Moroccan oil. Each has a distinct effect that can contribute to healthy hair, depending on the effect you are after.

While I'd strongly urge your own experimentation, included is a how-to guide of the procedure and the ingredients I use for my natural hair conditioner. The mixture promotes shine, strength, moisture, conditioned scalp and sealed ends. Either once a week or, if the hair is not in dire need, once every three weeks, a concoction of one egg, seven spoonfuls of plain yoghurt, a generous amount of honey, and four spoonfuls of olive oil is mixed and added to the hair. The mixture remains in the hair for a minimum of one hour, locked in with plastic wrap (saran wrap) then is rinsed with an apple cider vinegar/ water mix. Presto.

After five years of this natural procedure, my hair is a testament to the positive benefits of natural hair care. It seems true that your own fridge and pantry can lead to a brew of your own natural conditioner.

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